Investing in Manchester

Quickly becoming an international destination for businesses and cultural tourism alike, Manchester has been labelled as Britain's 'second city' behind frontrunner London.

The city's population is growing year-on-year and the area is fast becoming an attraction for investment opportunists, in no doubt because of its proven business potential and deep-rooted cultural importance in the UK.

Another central city in the industrial revolution, Manchester holds strong trade links and its rich history has left important architectural reminders of its influential past, in turn promoting exciting opportunities for fans of heritage tourism.

Sport plays an important role in the city's economy too, given that the area is home to two Premier League clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City, which help to drive significant income into the local area from both local and international visitors.

Culturally the city is known for its contribution towards the UK's musical history, with influential bands such as The Smiths, Joy Division and Oasis originating from Manchester and its surrounding areas. More recently, the city has been celebrated for its distinctive nightlife offerings, along with world-renowned museums, galleries, theatres and shopping centres.

Beyond its outstanding cultural and recreational attractions, Manchester has plenty to offer for businesses too. Greater Manchester is reportedly home to more multi-millionaires than anywhere outside of London. One of the hallmarks of the city's financial success is Spinningfields - the central business district home to the likes of the Royal Bank of Scotland and Deloitte.

Growth in the city has been impacted positively by the idea of 'Northshoring', which has seen a number of industries move parts of their operations to the North of England, where costs are potentially lower and markets less saturated.

The region provides fantastic opportunities for investors looking into the student market. The University of Manchester is one of the largest in the UK and attracts over 100,000 students from all over the world.

Manchester airport is the UK's busiest outside of London and handles over 20 million passengers each year. The city also boasts standout transports links and benefits from bus, tram and train routes. Manchester's 12-terminal Piccadilly station provides rail links to all corners of the country.

Investment Properties in Manchester