What do you think of when someone says OHIO

Written by Jonathan May
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What do you think of when someone says OHIO.  Probably not much if the truth be told! What do we know about the state itself, what of its’ history and what about the future.  Most Americans would say that Ohio is home to some of the biggest and well known Great Lakes Cities and that it was for many years a huge part of the country’s industrial powerhouse.  They would also be aware of the downward turn of the economies of places like Toledo, Cincinnati, Cleveland and the state capital Columbus. But many (and not just US residents) are also aware of Ohio’s meteoric and somewhat surprising rise in popularity.  These once great cities are returning to their former glory, throwing off the shackles of the gone but not forgotten days of heavy industry and have re-invented themselves, attracting some of the brightest young stars who are flocking to the area to start their companies. Manhattan has the nightlife. San Francisco has the lifestyle. But Ohio has both for a fraction of the price. Forbes recently ranked Cleveland as one of “The 25 cities where your paycheck will go the furthest” Read why the most savvy real estate investors are taking Ohio and in particular Cleveland seriously once again.